Miss. Valerie Peterson

(or Miss. Valerie as her students call her) is the hip hop, jazz, and modern dance instructor at the Saratoga School of Dance.
She has been performing and teaching around the Bay Area since 2012.
Her professional training began at the age of 2 with Miss. Terry … and she continues to learn from people all over the world wherever she is.

I like that. Your flavor's hot.

- Jessica Alba (in the movie, Honey)


I trained so my body could discover my heart and the movements of the great dancers who came before me. Because I have danced, it is my scared duty to pass on that love, those movements, and our joy.  

- Miss Terry

My Favorite Dance Movies

Singing in the Rain

Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds (only 19 years old) in some of the most athletic and amazing dance scenes - uplifting, happy, fun and you want to get up and dance with them ... made in 1952 ... an oldie but goody

Watch any way you can

White Knights

Okay, okay, it's not the most believable movie but it is Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines dancing ... need I say more? There are several jaw-dropping dance sequences and those are reason enough to watch this movie. The dancing is... well, I can only say, "ecstatic". The movie was made in 1985; the choreographer was Twyla Tharp.

Tap shoes on; try to keep up

The Red Shoes

It's one of the dark fairy tales set in a "modern" world. It breaks your heart; but the ballet is so gorgeous and the heart of the dancers are so luminous it's worth the heartbreak. The film was made in 1948 so it's slower than our films today. 

Watch on a slow, rainy Sunday


This one is not for kids at all! But if you have time to enjoy a movie without the kidlets present, then go ahead and indulge. Catherine Zeta-Jones is sheer heaven and everyone else does Bob Fosse proud, too. Of course, I love anything with Queen Latifah in it (Like the movie 'Hairspray', which is also one of  my favorite dance movies). This film was made in 2002.

Watch them both

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