Why Tap? It’s simple. The more training you have, the more employable you are. In addition to being a form of dance, tap is also a form of music, and an integral part of a musical theater performer’s training. There are two major styles of tap: Broadway tap and rhythm tap. Both styles are used in Broadway shows and therefore both are taught in SSD classes. Students learn choreography by tap legends Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Randy Skinner, and many more!

Most serious theater students take both Tap and Musical Theater Dance, and we highly recommend it as the classes complement each other well and help build solid dance technique, coordination, strength, and musicality.


KIDS TAP CLASSES – Kids tap classes are a fun activity that exercises both the mind and body. While increasing fitness levels, tap lessons for kids also help with better creativity, posture and class etiquette. We offer a wide range of class options. For all different energy levels. Your little one will be welcomed in their first class. Sign up for a free trial class today!

Tap dance is a style of dance all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Unlike Jazz or Ballet, Tap Dance developed from street and dance hall performers. During the ragtime era tap was considered more of a jig but over time developed into what it is today. Students start class by warming up their feet, ankles and legs through a series of steps. Strength building is important to demonstrate quality tap skills and sounds. Students then proceed to work on steps including bombershays, time steps and cramp rolls. Dancers who progress through the lessons will work on harder more challenging moves. All ages and skill levels are welcomed into SSD tap classes.

What different styles of Tap are there? There are many different styles of tap dance in the United States. Rhythm tap, classical, Broadway and post modern are some of the more popular genres. SSD Tap classes combine classical technique with rhythm styles. Tappers have gone on to train at some of the best tap schools in the world including top dance schools. Although tap is not as popular as it once was, dancers who have mastered the skills find it helps with booking performing work in the industry. To be considered a true triple threat, dancers must be able to demonstrate ballet, jazz and tap. Most dancers looking to book work on Broadway must be able to tap at a high level. Rockettes in New York City must also be able to tap. Dancers are always welcome to try a FREE placement class at SSD. Questions or more information please email or call.

Twist Twirl & Tap/Combination Dance Classes – Not sure what your little one will like? Combination classes have a little of everything. Starting with ballet, students then get some funky jazz. Ending with tap shoes so they get to make a little noise at the end of each class. Great for first time students that want to try a little of everything.

Tap classes focus on:
• Establishing strong tap technique
• Increasing coordination, rhythm, strength and endurance
• Learning tap vocabulary
• Learning both rhythm and Broadway tap style combinations

SSD’s beginning tap classes move quickly and are designed for students who have studied tap for less than 2 years, but does require prior training. If you are competent with original time steps (singles, doubles, and triples), drawbacks, buffalos, maxi fords, paradiddles, and cramp rolls, SSD’s beginning level tap classes will be a good fit for you.

SSD’s intermediate/advanced tap classes move quickly and require a minimum of two years of training within the past four years. If you are competent with all of your time steps, crossing drawbacks, wings, syncopated tips and pullbacks, and can shuffle off to buffalo while turning, SSD’s intermediate/advanced level tap classes will be a good fit for you.

Students who have not previously studied tap in a formal class setting (outside of show rehearsals), or who would like a refresher before joining the class, may schedule private lessons by emailing BarbaraToney@SSD.com.


Musical theatre Dance: Athletic or dance clothing and jazz shoes. Intermediate/Advanced level students are required to wear form fitting dance clothing, and ballet and character shoes are also recommended for this level, but not required. (In order for character shoes to be safe for dance classes, they must be LaDucas or a professional shoe with a flexible sole.)

Tap: Athletic or dance clothing and tap shoes. Tap shoes are a percussive instrument, and for this particular class we recommend hard tap shoes for “rhythm tap”, rather than flexible jazz tap or high-heeled tap shoes.




Jazz Dance Classes & Lessons at SSD. Building triple threat dancers with commercial emphasis. This helps dancers ready themselves for professional work. Dancers work on technique styles including Broadway, Commercial and more. Group lessons at this dance studio start at age 4 with Boogie Woogie class. Students work on warm ups and strength training. Followed by across the floor work and a fun combination.

There is no experience necessary for this up-beat introduction to Jazz dance. The class is based on traditional jazz movement and includes a warm-up, stretches, isolations, floor work, and across-the-floor including jumps and turns.

Boogie Woogie Jazz/Jumpin’ Jazz – This upbeat fun class will have your young dancer shaking and moving. Working on warm ups, stretching, leaps and ending with a fun dance. If your little one has lots of energy, this class is for them. Learn more…

Fusion/Teen Jazz – Our popular Fusion class is a mix of Broadway, Contemporary & Classical styles. All mixed into one fun class. Lessons also provide positive social settings in a safe, controlled atmosphere. Great for teens who are involved in dance teams at school & cheerleading. This is a beginner to intermediate class.

Jazz Levels 1-6 – Our standard technique class starts at age 7. Levels progress from 1 to 6. Students work on important skills that will ready them for competition and convention season. Across the floor, turns, leaps, tricks and more.



Hip Hop Dance Classes at SSD are fun, exciting and perfect for kids. Children and teens from all over the Bay Area learn improv, battles and tricks. Our instructor bring high energy attitude to provide dance class that’s fun for all ages. Students can progress through levels after each year of class, working towards new exciting tricks.

At SSD we offer multiple levels for lessons based on age and skill. Children and Teens are always recommended to try a FREE FIRST CLASS for correct level placement. Our staff are welcoming, kind and always excited to meet new students trying class for the first time. Our different level classes are below or find your perfect class on our SCHEDULE page!

Hippity Hop – Our youngest class for kids and children ages 4-6. A great atmosphere for first time students who have never taken a lesson before. Faculty teach routines, tricks and skills in a safe, fun class setting.

Hip-Hop 4 Kids was created specifically for children who love to dance between the ages of 8-11 years old! Students will have 14 weeks of fun, exciting, and energetic classes that focus on the most popular dance moves seen today as well as develop coordination, body awareness, build self-esteem and promote confidence. Learn the fundamental Hip-Hop moves including basic body isolations, precision, performance quality, and choreography.

Street Squad/Moves & Grooves/Dance Crew Hip Hop – For ages 5-12 kids can try Street Squad, Moves & Grooves or Dance Crew. This next level class teaches more complex choreography while exploring fast movements. Harder tricks and Battles!

Beginning Hip Hop – Each class focuses on classic party dance moves, popping & locking drills, and basic breaking combos with a touch of new school hip-hop energy. Teens will learn about the culture of hip-hop and all of its elements including basic footwork, freezes and more. There is no placement audition for these classes. No prior dance experience necessary.

Teen Hip Hop 1-4/Company Hip Hop – Our most advanced classes for teens & kids who have danced for a few years. Classes are challenging with fun age based choreography. Students learn and practice tricks and flips with daily improv and freestyling.


Lyrical is a mix between ballet and jazz. Creating beautiful fun movement while dancing through emotion. While working on technique, turns and feet positions. This is a great class for younger students wanting to show emotion while dancing.

Lyrical dance is a fusion of both jazz and ballet. Dancers learn ballet technique with bits of jazz movement to help show more emotions while dancing. A lot of students that try ballet find it’s a little show. Some kids try jazz and would like to dance a little slower. It is that perfect balance of both Jazz and Ballet. Beginner level classes start on timing, speed and coordination. Upper level classes start to use more emotion.

Why Lyrical and not Ballet?

Dance Magazine says Lyrical dance melds these younger and older styles of movement and some practice with it can help you master this dance. It has been made popular by shows such as Cirque du Soleil. Which is why the emotional side of it appeals to many girls.

It is a perfect movement style to teach young kids because they can relate to that emotional context. It can be less demanding than other styles with the emphasis being more on personal style. These dance moves and techniques makes it easy for kids of all ages.

If you’ve never tried lyrical dance now is a great time to start. With classes starting year round and for all ages. Come and try a FREE class today at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Your little dancer will love her first class. If you have questions about placement or other dance classes we offer feel free to email or call. DanceWorks in Vancouver WA has been teaching dance to young students for over 26 years. Now is the perfect time to get your little star in their first class.

Is this a good class for beginners or kids? Kids might find class a little bit slow. We do have lots of kids that try and love it. Beginner contemporary is a nice way to explore dance without being too hard on the body. We also recommend trying a FREE class first for level placement. If you ever have questions on this genre of dance be sure to call and ask the front desk. Staff is always available to answer questions about styles, billing or anything studio related. See you in class!

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Dance Classes for students ages three thru adult. Beginning through professional. Never too late to enroll your child. Unsure of which dance class is right for your dancer? Try a FREE class today!


Teen Broadway Dance is a fun, high energy class that explores expressive styles. Students will develop a foundation of the basic Broadway dance movements including jumps, turns, across the floor progression, and stylized movement. This class will encourage students to bring their individuality and unique personality to the class.

GLEEful at Broadway Bodies – Self-proclaimed Gleeks can strive for greatness in this workshop, which features musical-theater and pop tunes from the Fox hit Glee. Instructor Travis Nesbitt, who honed his dancing chops performing in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and Off Broadway’s Altar Boyz, leads the exuberant session. Even if you have zero dance training, you’ll feel at ease: The first 30 minutes are dedicated to the simplest steps (pivot turn, grapevine), aimed at building coordination skills while simultaneously upping your heart rate. With the half hour left, you’ll tackle song-specific hand- and footwork that’s easy to pick up, but tough enough that you’ll feel as if you learned something—not to mention sweated off a ton of calories.

Beginner Theater Dance at Steps on Broadway – Dancer and music-video choreographer Christopher Liddell exudes plenty of energy, making this taxing musical-theater class a total blast. A major yoga devotee, he uses Sivananda-influenced muscle-lengthening techniques in the 30-minute warm-up, in which you’ll also work on ballet steps and muscle isolation to help prevent injuries. The remaining hour focuses on a routine to tunes from Mamma Mia!, West Side Story and other lively musicals. His clear instructions will have you dancing in the vein of Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins, two icons whose numbers emphasized athleticism. You’ll leave feeling long and lean, and probably humming a Broadway tune.

Beginner Theater Dance at Broadway Dance Center – Try these beginner musical-theater dance sessions if you want to learn to dance like your favorite Broadway stars. Instructors at SSD teach simple routines from favorites such as Mamma Mia!, West Side Story and Chicago that will work your legs and give you a cardio workout.
Fair warning: The “entry-level” classes at this popular studio are aimed at dance fans with at least a few years’ experience. If you’re up for the challenge, but still feel a bit rusty, opt for a session run by the ever-patient Lainie Munro. In the first half hour, you’ll warm up with basic ballet steps, plus crunches, legs lifts and floor stretches. Many of these moves feel like those in aerobics classes, and your hamstrings and calves will be screaming in no time. For the next 15 minutes, you’ll learn a simple combination used in a popular musical; recent routines have included In the Heights, Chicago and The Wedding Singer. Munro then spends the rest of the hour teaching a group number set to a specific show tune. Once everyone is comfortable, you’ll divide into two groups to perform. Take the opportunity to go all-out; you’ll tone your arms and strengthen your core with turns and lots of kicks.

Musical Theater Dance – Structured just like musical theater dance classes at NYC studios, students learn original Broadway choreography from all styles of musical theater. This class is designed for busy theater students to learn a combination of musical theater dance, ballet technique, jazz, and multiple Broadway styles. In the performing business, auditions are your tests, and dance classes are where you study. Whether you are preparing for professional auditions, college auditions, or your next show audition, SSD’s musical theater dance program will get you to where you want to be.

Musical Theater Dance classes focus on:
• Establishing strong dance technique
• Increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance
• Learning the dance vocabulary used in musical theater
• Building musical theater dance repertoire of Broadway Choreography (a priceless preparation for professional auditions and your career in general)
• Learning both musical theater and dance history which are incorporated right into the class

Wear/Bring: Athletic or dance clothing and jazz shoes. Intermediate/Advanced level students are required to wear form fitting dance clothing, and ballet and character shoes are also recommended for this level, but not required. (In order for character shoes to be safe for dance classes, they must be LaDucas or a professional shoe with a flexible sole.)

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