Terry Phillips

(or Miss Terry as she is universally known) is the owner and principal instructor of Saratoga School of  Dance. Her professional training and performing career includes dancing with the Ballet Tacoma, San Francisco Ballet, and Oakland Metropolitan Ballet companies.
She has been performing and teaching from San Francisco to the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Saratoga area since 1975.
She sets the direction for the other instructors as well as teaching ballet, lyrical, and tap.

I believe it is in my nature to dance by virtue of the beat of my heart, the pulse of my blood and the music in my mind.  - Robert Fulghum


I trained so my body could discover my heart and the movements of the great dancers who came before me. Because I have danced, it is my scared duty to pass on that love, those movements, and share our joy.  

- Miss Terry

Why I Love Movies With Dance In Them


Movies like Grease or Saturday Night Fever inspire you to get up and move. Old people, young folks they got out of their chairs and into motion.  The animated film, Happy Feet, had me up dancing. And kids, they see Happy Feet and jump up and down, too excited to contain themselves. They flap their arms; their feet are going like crazy. I love that.


Movies like West Side Story or Footloose help you think about what was going on during that time. Before Footloose not many people knew about line dancing. All of a sudden, people were gathering early just to learn the dances before the night began. That  movie helped us break out of constraints and feel good with others - all together, no judgement. We got the blood thumping and we rocked that floor.

Being Moved and Making Choices

Movement and stories are a potent blend. The Turning Point, with Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft had everyone talking - not just about dance, but the choices people make in their life. Ballet and life... it's about allowing yourself to be moved and making choices that resonate throughout every quivering muscle and electrical impulse in your body.

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