SARATOGA SCHOOL of DANCE is the most complete and trusted ballet school for dance lessons and classes in the Bay Area. We make learning dance fun. Classical Ballet classes beginning at age 18 months and building to professional. The curriculum was created to encourage age appropriate creativity, musicality, and physicality. Your child will dance and have fun with an emphasis on the foundations of ballet. Dancers will be brought through creative movement and basic ballet steps and more!

We offer students a homework lounge and parents are welcome to view classes from the back of the room.

Combining the artistry of ballet barre exercises for strength and conditioning, Saratoga School of Dance classes will incorporate Pilates, stretching, yoga, and more. This class will pull from multiple fitness techniques to help students achieve greater strength, flexibility, and range of motion.




The Saratoga School of Dance’s ballet mission focuses on excellence in dance class lesson training and in nurturing children and young people. Our students learn patience, persistence, attention to detail, discipline, teamwork and self-motivation. Saratoga School of Dance has developed a reputation as one of the area’s top pre-professional Ballet training programs.

The School’s goal is to produce classically trained, versatile dancers who are ready for work in the industry, Saratoga School of Dance’s exceptional faculty, individual attention and the success of its alumni attract dancers for lessons from around the South Bay.


Saratoga School of Dance creates a positive learning environment where nurturing faculty teach ballet and pointe in the most effective, safe, and productive manner in a class setting.Our dance curriculum provides students, from ages 18 months to pre-professional, with lessons in strong technical foundation – producing dancers well-rounded in strength, stamina and flexibility while fostering their love of movement and confidence. 

This class is a great class option for the first time dancer. Students learn basic class etiquette: good listening, repeating motion, and an emphasis on body alignment. Basic technique are developed for proper execution of ballet steps. We slowly teach barre work (pliés, tendues, jetés, and ronds de jambe) so students safely develop muscles for strength, rotation, and flexibility. We stretch and perform center floor work such as: body placement, foot positions, and turns; students develop port de bras (moving / posing arms), we introduce small jumps and teach a traditional révérence*. This beginner ballet class is perfect for all ages. 

This class is a continuation of Beginning Ballet. We find fun ways to consistently repeat and build onto prior technique. Port de bras, pliés, tendues, and jetés are executed at a faster tempo and in 5th position. Frappés, fondues, and grands battements are added to the barre work. Sautés and échappés are first introduced at the barre and then later executed in the center floor work. Of course, we always stretch and rotate. Simple adagio exercises are added in center work and we combine steps to travel across the room. Our students' révérence is further developed and student confidence is enhanced.  

This class continues the ballet student's development as a dancer. The focus is to refine posture, increase flexibility, gain strength, learn the vocabulary of ballet, and develop the dancer’s technique.  Students work on their barre routines, stretching, and center work (including adagio, pirouettes, petite allegro, and grande allegro). More dance elements are integrated into combinations (including port de pras, epaulment, musicality, and artistry). This environment allows young dancers to gain confidence and build self-esteem. The class may be also be suitable for experienced ballet dancers returning to ballet after a long break.


Regular Scheduled Classes

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Semi-Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

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Extra Prep Workshops for Specific Performance

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Virtual Lessons

In response to the COVID-19 stay-at-home directives, we began offering virtual classes and workshops. If the demand continues, we will work with our remote students virtually in order to continue their development as a dancer. 

School-Break and Summer Camps

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